Veterans Health

Veterans Health

April 20, 2020

Veterans health is one of the issues that Martin Weber is most passionate about. martin weber for congress 2020

During his time serving our nation in the U.S. Army, Martin Weber gained a profound respect for our men and women in uniform. He also got to witness some of the weaknesses of the Veteran’s Administration handling health care issues first-hand.

It wasn’t until someone very close to him died that the issue really hit home for Martin. Martin’s friend, who was also a former service member, ended up dying and, in Martin’s view, the Veteran’s Health Administration did not do enough.

Martin believes that those of us who serve our country deserve the best medical care possible. That is why reforming the Veteran’s Health Administration system will be a top priority for him when he is elected to represent New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district this fall.

When Martin gets to congress, he will work to introduce and pass the “Jeff Act” to help our nation’s Veterans.

Martin is keenly aware of and focused on the full range of veterans health issues. This includes the life-changing injuries that our soldiers, sailors, air crews and support personnel endure in our nations current conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq. It also means that we need to do more for the brave men and women who served in all the conflicts before those including WWII, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Panama, The Balkans and anywhere else our people have been injured or suffered exposure to dangerous materials.

Please join Martin in fighting for the rights of those who gave us everything!

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