The NJ Opioid Crisis

April 20, 2020

As most people in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District know, the opioid crisis isn’t something that is happening in another place, it is happening right here in our South Jersey communities. It is affecting our friends and neighbors, our co-workers and yes, even our family members. It is truly a crisis and we need to do more to address it.

Martin Weber realizes that our opioid crises is a public health emergency that requires a more robust response from our government and health care officials. The problem has many causes and we will need innovative thinking on how to combat it and its devastating impact on our communities.  So far the efforts by our public officials have fallen short in their efforts to find a solution to our drug crises. When Martin wins our Congressional seat this fall, one of the first things he will do will be to form a task force to explore new and innovative ways to combat this difficult issue.

Martin is already in discussions with a range of experts in the field to learn what they think are the best and most effective ways to combat dependency on opioids, as well as alcohol and other drugs and substances that are impacting our communities. This includes doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, insurance executives and other health care experts. He is also meeting with civic leaders and the citizens of South Jersey to learn their perspectives and to gain an appreciation for what is working and what is not. The conversations he is having are both illuminating and heart breaking but Martin is no stranger to the shortfalls of our health care systems. A major portion of his platform will involve addressing our health care issues using a wide range of options.

Martin Weber is confident that his office will be able to provide new approaches and a much needed energy in working with all of the communities in the 3rd Congressional District in addressing our opioid crisis.

new jersey opioid crisis