Term Limits for Federal Judges

July 21, 2020



BARNEGAT, NJ: New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District Independent Candidate Martin Weber has publicly called for Congressional term limits for over two years. Now, he is calling for term limits on another branch of the federal government—the Judiciary. “There is no reason for a life-time appointment to a government position”, says Weber. “It’s possible for someone in their late forties to get nominated and confirmed for a spot on the federal bench and stay there for thirty years or more—how is that right?”. Currently, the Supreme Court Justices with the longest tenure is Clarence Thomas who has been on the bench since October 1991, followed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg since August 1993.

The candidate does recognize arguments in favor of life-time appointments, such as keeping continuity on the bench and not being at the whim of a political cycle, but sees such appointments as an impediment to progress. “Republicans and Democrats have their vision of the kinds of judges they want on the bench”, states Weber. “America needs to maintain a judiciary that is not at the mercy of politicians and special interests, but one that has competent jurists who will decide on the merits—not ideology.”

Weber, 56, is the owner of YoBuck Landscaping Company in Barnegat and sits on the Zoning Board in town. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Captain of the Barnegat Volunteer First Aid Squad. Weber feels that an appropriate term limitation can range from a ten-year period for lower court judges to a fifteen-year period for Supreme Court Justices. Details on how to implement this plan will be released at a future date.

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