Term Limits For Congress

May 11, 2020

Setting term limits for Congress is an issue that seems to come up every year but there is never any progress. When the United States was founded nearly 250 years ago the sentiment and belief by George Washington and most of the rest of our nation’s founders was that citizens should serve in our government for limited time and then return to their farms and businesses. That sentiment seems to be long gone and the process is completely broken.

Nowadays, service in Washington D.C. is a revolving door where members of Congress stay for as long as they can. There are many groups in our society who want to see this system continue forever. A host of business interests in the U.S. support members of Congress through campaign donations with the goal of having that member either introduce legislation that is favorable to them or to have the members shield their business activities in a whole range of ways.

Martin Weber, who is running for New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District wants to break this cycle through term limits. Like the politicians at our nation’s founding, Martin Weber believes that there should be a limit to the number of times a person can serve. This applies to both the House of Representatives and to the Senate.

It is Martin’s goal to go to Washington, D.C. and to initiate legislation that will enforce term limits for Congress.  When he is finished, he will return to his successful small business in South Jersey and become a regular citizen again and not become a permanent fixture in our Nation’s capital.