NJ Outdoorsman

April 20, 2020

Like many of his friends and neighbors in southern New Jersey, Martin Weber is an avid outdoorsman. He has been hunting and fishing in the beautiful and bountiful coastal areas and pine barrens that he has called his home for all of his life. In fact, Martin proudly calls himself a “Piney” and feels a kinship with anyone who goes by the same.

As a lifelong Piney, Martin knows how important the great natural spaces of New Jersey are to all its citizens and especially to the people of the 3rd Congressional District, who he hopes to represent after this coming fall election. Martin wants to make sure that the forests, beaches, streams and fields remain a resource for the people of New Jersey for generations to come and is committed to preserving open spaces for responsible hunting, fishing and trapping.

Martin believes that the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife is one of the state agencies that delivers on its mission for the people. The money that is collected from licenses and other fees is fed directly into programs that stock fish and improve habitat for all of New Jersey’s wildlife. ” I love it when a state agency actually delivers on its promises to the people. That’s what I am going to do for the people of New Jersey when I get to Washington this fall” says Martin.

Martin Weber also wants to make sure that people who want to enjoy the great outdoors for its own sake are able to experience our wild areas on their own terms.

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