New Jersey Matters

April 20, 2020

New Jersey is an important and complex state.  It has many diverse constituencies with different needs. No one knows this better than Martin Weber. Martin was born in South Jersey, he was raised in South Jersey and he started a successful business in South Jersey. He has committed his life to the state that he loves and the people who live there.

There is no doubt that this is a very special state. The top half of the state has a completely different identity than the bottom half with many local variations in between. What this means is that a “one size fits all” approach to the policy issues that matter most won’t work in our complex state.

Martin Weber understands the needs of New Jersey, especially the 3rd Congressional District where he is running for office in 2020. When he is elected this fall, Martin will make sure that the voices of the people in his district will be heard in a Washington D.C. that is increasingly remote from the citizens of this country and which seems to prioritize the needs of the powerful over the common person.

Martin pledges to be more available and more accountable than the other people who have represented the 3rd District in the past. By listening to the true needs of the people, Martin will work hard to ensure a better life for the people of New Jersey and everyone in our nation.

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