New Jersey Health Care

April 20, 2020

New Jersey health care is one of the issues that Martin Weber is most passionate about. He recently witnessed the failures of the New Jersey health care system first-hand when his close friend died because of a failure to receive the care that he needed from the Veteran’s Health Administration. This tragedy had a deep and lasting impact on Martin and he has since vowed to reform and transform our health care system when he is elected to represent New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district this fall.

Because of his military service and the death of his friend, Marty has a particular focus on veteran’s health issues. However, as he learned more about health care in general, he gained a strong appreciation for the challenges that everyone in New Jersey faces when it comes to getting care. The recent COVID-19 pandemic is another instance which demonstrates the need for stronger action by the state and federal governments when it comes to caring for the health of its citizens.

We need a more flexible and affordable health care system that is responsive to the needs of all of the citizens of our state. This system and the various service providers, ranging from doctors, nursed and hospitals to insurance companies and government agencies needs to be reformed in a meaningful way.

With a focus on New Jersey Health Care, Martin Weber will work tirelessly in Washington, DC to improve health outcomes.

New Jersey Health Care