Military Service

May 7, 2020

Martin Weber is proud of his military service. He served in the army beginning in 1984 and began his service as a enlisted soldier assigned to the 70th transportation company in Geissen, Germany. It was officially West Germany at the time since the eastern half of the country was still under communist control.

Martin’s unit, the 106th Transportation Battalion in the 37th Transportation Group, was part of the larger 4th Transportation Command, which was headquartered at Camp King, in Oberursel, near Frankfurt. Although he served during the height of the Cold War, Martin got a lot of satisfaction out of serving his country and also learned to appreciate the culture and people of Germany and the other areas where he was stationed.

military service

Martin valued his time in the U.S. Army and his military service and thinks that it is an experience that can benefit many young people. Martin’s experience in the Army had a great influence on his life and his subsequent experiences with the Veterans Administration health services. He is a passionate advocate for our men and women in the armed services and believes that they should have the very best care when it comes to their health. As Martin says, “Our service men and women put their lives on the line for our nation every day. The least we can do is be their as a nation when they need us most”.