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Martin Weber Calls on All NJ District 3 Candidates to Sign Clean Campaign Pledge.

June 15, 2020

BARNEGAT, NJ: Independent Candidate Martin Weber is calling on the other candidates in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District to sign a pledge that would ensure a “clean and civilized” campaign season for the voters heading into the General Election.

“It’s just disgusting”, says Weber referring to some of the attack ads being aired in the Republican Primary between David Richter and Kate Gibbs. “The saddest thing is the Democrats haven’t started spending their millions airing their attacks yet…the voters deserve better than this”, adds Weber. Democratic Congressman Andy Kim is running unopposed in the Democratic Primary.

Weber, 56, is the owner of YoBuck Landscaping Company in Barnegat and sits on the Zoning Board in town. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Captain of the Barnegat Volunteer First Aid Squad.

Weber sees the attacks being very demeaning. “When you go after Unions, you’re going after hard-working people…when you go after private enterprise, you’re going after small business owners and entrepreneurs”, states Weber. “The personal attacks do nothing for the Veteran trying to get access to needed health care, the small business owner trying to stay afloat, or the young parent trying to support their family”. Weber is calling for what he says is a much needed civil discussion about the direction of our country. “I respect anyone willing to run to represent their neighbors”, declares Weber. “It’s time to not only raise the level of debate in politics, but the level of mutual respect as well…the people can expect nothing less from my campaign”.

Marty would like to accommodate the media as best as he can. All press inquiries can be directed to the campaign at For more information about the campaign, please visit our  Facebook page – Martin Weber for Congress.

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