Marijuana Legalization For New Jersey

August 21, 2020

This year, the New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Amendment is on the ballot in New Jersey as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 3, 2020. Many people have asked Martin Weber what his views on marijuana legalization are and he is supportive.

Martin believes that legalized sales of marijuana could provide an important new source of tax revenue that would only hit users and not the general public. Martin generally welcomes these kinds of taxes because they don’t impose a burden on anyone who is not using the product. This is important because New Jersey’s budget is being negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and all the resulting restrictions that are being placed on small businesses and people. A tax on legal marijuana might help offset what is likely to be a horrific budget situation come 2021 and beyond.
Martin also hopes that our leadership will find ways to support small businesses that want to get into the marijuana trade. “Marijuana legalization and the business opportunities that could come with it could be a boon to some of the entrepreneurs who have been devastated by this health crises” say Marty. Being a small business owner himself, Marty is extremely favorable to anything that can help the small businesses of New Jersey.
Marty also believes that the current laws are disadvantaged against minority populations and marijuana legalization will decriminalize an activity that has disproportionately penalized certain communities in New Jersey.

According to, 663,367 people were arrested in 2018 on marijuana charges. “That’s way too many people” says Marty. “The money spent on incarcerating these people could be better spent helping our veterans and making our nation stronger”.

When asked about the downside of marijuana legalization and use, Marty’s experience tells him that it is less dangerous than some of the legal substances we already have. “In all my years as a first aid responder, I don’t recall ever taking anyone to the hospital for marijuana. So. If they can come up with a nice way to do it, tax it, make it recreational for the people at home, not on the streets…we’ve got to control it but I think it is safer to smoke that than it is to drink a 12 pack”.

Click here to see a video about Martin’s views on marijuana legalization.