Helping Small Business

May 11, 2020

Martin Weber has a very tight connection to the needs of small businesses in New Jersey. That’s because Martin has been a small business person and entrepreneur in South Jersey his whole life. He knows how hard it is to start a business and keep it running, even in the best of times.  Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, small business owners all over Southern Jersey are receiving less support and more regulation from our government than ever. Martin Weber is committed to changing this.

The news is full of stories about how large corporations are receiving subsidies from the federal government but small and medium businesses seems to be left behind.  Not only are many of them not receiving the financial aid they need, the state of New Jersey has been issuing guidelines that are confusing and seemingly counter-productive. Marty thinks that the problem is that most of our public officials have no business experience. Even people like our governor, who have business experience, tend to be Wall Street executives who don’t know what its like to try to make a payroll or navigate the complicated regulations and red tape in a state like New Jersey.

When Martin Weber is elected to New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District this fall he will make small business a priority. He will work to create policies that will make operating in New Jersey easier. He will carefully review the State of New Jersey’s small business policies to see where they make sense and where there can be improved. He will be a strong advocate for the business people of New Jersey and will return the entrepreneurial spirit, which used to be a hallmark of our great state and he will work to help reduce the compliance and regulatory overhead which is stifling small businesses everywhere.

Martin Weber is also committed to reforming health care in a way that helps small business instead of imposing even more burdens. Please join Martin in his mission to return New Jersey to greatness.