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Martin Weber’s Views on Education Policy

July 10, 2020

In terms of education policy, Martin Weber believes that education as a whole is a local issue where the citizens and the local community governments make decisions based on what they feel is best—without federal meddling.

Given that early childhood is the most formative period in a person’s social and mental development, Marty believes we should help communities establish greater access to quality early childhood education opportunities for their children.

In the current era of the COVID-19 pandemic, Martin believes that schools need to reopen but only in the safest manner possible for students and educators. This should be done in a way that meets the safety and education needs of the citizens of South Jersey and everywhere in the United States. Martin challenges local school districts to look at best practices in terms of social distancing, rotating students into classroom settings and in-person learning and disease prevention to determine how and when they reopen.

Martin Weber has discussed his education policy positions with large numbers of people in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District and has met with overwhelming approval for his views. He is also grateful for the endorsement of Marilyn Wasilewski, the former Mayor of Barnegat Light and Member of the Long Beach Island School Board. Click here to watch her video endorsement.

education policy