2nd amendment

The 2nd Amendment

April 15, 2020

2nd Amendment issues are a perennial hot button issue in our political discourse. Martin Weber believes that there is a middle ground that we can take as a nation that will keep our people safe while preserving the right to bear and use firearms responsibly.

As a lifelong sportsman who is an active hunter and fisherman in New Jersey’s great open spaces, Martin believes that it is the right of responsible citizens to own and use guns. However, responsible gun ownership is not something that just automatically happens. Gun safety needs to be taught and New Jersey’s Hunter Education Program is a good example of government providing the training a support that makes for responsible handling and ownership of firearms.

Martin thinks that every responsible gun owner should take a course like the New Jersey Hunter Education Program. It requires applicants to study hunting safety and firearms use and the program is concluded with a written test and a live fire exercise where new hunters, under the supervision of a certified instructor, fire a range of weapons. It is this kind of basic program that could provide prospective gun owners with the knowledge and experience they need to be a responsible firearms enthusiast.

Martin’s view on the 2nd Amendment are as follows:

  • It is essential that law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights be protected in Congress.
  • The vast majority of gun-owning residents of the 3rd District practice responsible gun ownership. Many residents in the Pine Barrens utilize their 2nd Amendment rights for hunting and sport.
  • Martin Weber acknowledges and agrees that we need to maintain sensible safeguards and background checks to ensure that we keep weapons out of the hands of individuals who should not have them.
  • There are many “liberal” forces in Congress who are attempting to take away the fundamental meaning and spirit of the 2nd Amendment. As an elected member of Congress, Martin Weber will fight to maintain the liberty that has been with our citizens since the beginning of the Republic.

Weber invites people to join the Second Amendment Rally on August 22, 2020 from 11-4 at 290 Route 72 in Barnegat where he will be a speaker along with other Congressional candidates and others.

2nd amendment